UFFS State of the Union Update Nov 14th, 2021

UFFS Community,

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the month again and we have an action-packed update with positive developments. With our brand update, website facelift, the 4 major North American sports up and running, plus some important tech milestones, we are ready for a major marketing push worldwide to showcase our platform, Score Token, and all of the amazing things to come.

Let’s start with biggest news first, we are very proud to unveil our NFT marketplace ultimatesportsNFTS.com on November 15, 2021.

UFFS Telegram:

Ultimate Sports NFTs

This game-changing NFT marketplace will feature sports NFTs from athletes all around the world. It kicks off with our first collectible NFT campaign featuring world-class, undefeated boxer Terence Crawford. This promotion features a Terence Crawford digital fan club membership that includes an NFT and many perks for getting in early on the start of Terence’s digital career. Get all the details from pxlbrd.com.

What sets this marketplace apart from all others is that we are introducing the world to Digital Athlete NFTs. We are doing collectibles in innovative ways that will give them utility and value, but the shining stars of this platform are the 1-of-1 digital version of our athletes.

What is a Digital Athlete NFT?

Very simply: you are purchasing a digital share in the real athlete, as the real athlete will always own a percentage of the digital version of themselves. This gives you an instant personal connection to the athlete as you are now partners.

This Digital Athlete NFT is digital representation and will generate revenue for you and the athlete in the digital world. Everything from professional fantasy sports play, eSports leagues, basic sports games, to just every day life and jobs in metaverses. Imagine the digital Michael Vick doing broadcasting jobs in the metaverse and getting paid, and because you own a percentage of his digital athlete NFT, you get paid as well.

Live a digital life alongside your favorite athletes. The possibilities are endless and there is only one version of each athlete, so you know there is value.

The site is view only on November 15, with purchases and resale launching on December 1. Join our social media accounts for all the latest updates and NFT drops. Major drops from Cris Carter, Michael Vick, Terence Crawford and many more are in the works.


Instagram: @ultimatesportsnfts



Predictive Marketplace

We are excited to announce UFFS will partner with the Red Chillies project to offer outcome prediction pools where you can use SCO to predict outcomes from our professional fantasy sports leagues. This now gives all SCO holders a chance to participate, follow and interact with the UFFS professional fantasy leagues.

By simply hooking up your ZilPay wallet, you can win SCO by predicting which UFFS franchise will defeat another on a daily or weekly basis. For example, predict which athlete will earn more fantasy points versus another on a given night. There will be many fun and interactive pools.

Each sport will have a wallet that collects fees from the prediction. These earnings will be shared between the UFFS platform and all the franchises in the respective league, monthly.

This platform will be ready to launch in 2021. So, get to know our leagues, choose a favorite fantasy franchise, have some fun, win some SCO, and help build our Score Token community.

Score Token

With 4 leagues sold and becoming established, the NFT marketplace ready, and a platform rebrand near completion, we turn a large focus onto SCO itself and we are very excited to announce that on November 20, 2021 SCO staking will begin.

For details on APYs and how the mechanism works, log into your uffsports.com account and go to the staking page on Nov. 20. You will need your SCO in a ZilPay wallet to stake. This is a non custodial system where you retain ownership of your SCO in your ZilPay wallet at all times.

With the addition of the NFT marketplace, the new Basketball and Baseball leagues, the prediction marketplace on its way (collaboration with Red Chillies), and staking; the utility of SCO is certainly on the rise.

Chat about SCO on Telegram:


We are working diligently to bring on more industry partners in every sport but also the blockchain, gaming and metaverse space. We hope to have 2 major announcements finalized before the end of 2021 that will help strengthen the UFFS platform, grow our community and continue adding utility for SCO.

American Football

On October 22, the 16-team franchise auction for the American Football Legends League (AFLL) took place from inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The live show airing on AO Sports TV from the HOF Event Center saw NFL greats Eric Metcalf and Walt Harris, FanCentric president Garrick Jones, CFL Hall of Famer Nik Lewis, and Chip-In charity founder Gerald Smiley join UFF Sports Head of Football Operations Andy McNamara for a fun and informative final hour of the auction.

Totalling just shy of $100,000 USD worth of SCO in franchise sales, the AFLL is partnering with video game platform Axis Football to bring NFL legends back to the gridiron. Launching in February on Pro Bowl weekend, every game will have team coaches pick each play as the fully customizable simulation is recorded and broadcast. This is where current UFF Sports Digital Athlete NFT members Cris Carter, Michael Vick, Eric Metcalf, Walt Harris, Nate Burleson, Andrew Glover (and many more to come) will get to interact with fans, and earn revenue.

Keep up to date on the Axis Football legend player rating releases on Twitter @TheAFLL and Instagram @theufafl

The Ultimate Fantasy American Football League is now in push to the playoffs mode as the trade deadline coincided with the NFL’s deadline on November 2. The total prize pool for Year 1 has been officially set at a mind-blowing 1,231,517 SCO! More than 1 million SCO!

Keep track of all 32 franchises in the first professional fantasy football league with this live scoring link:

Grab some UFAFL league gear or one of a kind franchise apparel at the online shop:

On the Scouting side of the platform, there has been an impressive 1,301 college football prospects registered on the UFFS platform since the NFL season kicked off in September.

UFAFL Telegram:


The Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Association (UFBA) is well underway in our inaugural season with head-to-head gameplay in 4-day matchup periods. The Arctic Wolves and the Skyhooks are the only undefeated franchises, running on 12 straight victories to start the year. We’ve seen some big trades and some matchups come down to a single point of difference and it’s been nothing but action day after day. We are also nearing the launch of basketball scouting, which will debut with our Futures Auction featuring the Top 60 prospects from the 2022 and 2023 draft classes, respectively.

Anyone registered as a scout on the UFFSports platform can participate in the Futures Auction, where the top talents of tomorrow will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. These auctions will be packed with excitement and intense bidding wars as we see who our scouts are willing to invest their SCO towards becoming the next big stars of the NBA and the UFBA!

Following the Futures Auction will be the Open Market debut, where any players eligible for the same draft classes — the best of the rest — are all available to register on a first come first serve basis for $20 USD of SCO each. This is your chance to monetize your eye for talent. Scouts identify the talent during their development years and UFBA franchises will come calling — and bidding — when those prospects become NBA relevant!

UFBA Telegram:


Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball hit a grand slam when it came to its franchise auction earlier this month. All 30 franchises sold for a total of $158,600 USD worth of Score Coin, setting a new UFFS auction record with 66 extensions, dubbed Extra Innings. It gave viewers 41 minutes of extra bidding and excitement. Phillip Bevis and his ownership partner Zachary Sedlar entered the fray late and took the top spot with an $11,000 USD bid, beating out ownership groups consisting of former MLB stars Justin Morneau and Corey Koskie, as well as others headed up by CFL Hall of Famer Nik Lewis and Derek Stevens, owner of Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The 30 new owners or ownership groups are now busy getting their branding prepared and developing their organizational strategy. Ownership meetings will take place in January, while the Top Prospects Auction is slated for February 19. The 26-round Veteran Players Draft will be held on March 5-6, and scouts will be bidding on more top prospects for upcoming MLB drafts in the Futures Auction starting March 26. UFLB will begin play on March 31st, 2022.

UFLB is the fourth sport launched by UFFS and there are now 4 groups or people with an ownership stake in each of UFLB, UFAFL, UFBA and UFHL.

UFLB Telegram:


Ultimate Fantasy World Juniors launches this coming weekend with the UFWJ Franchise Auction on Nov. 20–21. Minimum bid $500 USD, payable in SCO. This is the next opportunity for franchise ownership in the UFFS ecosystem — and the last opportunity of 2021 — with only 10 franchises available for this revolutionary dynasty league that mirrors the World Junior Championship as hockey’s premier under-20 showcase for all the sport’s future stars. To register, email acharanduk@uffsports.com to receive the auction passcode as an eligible bidder!

Meanwhile in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League, the Royals and Grizzlies are battling it out atop the standings a month into our third season for this flagship league that launched the UFFS platform back in January 2020. The UFHL mirrors the NHL and parity is more prevalent than ever amongst the 32 franchises in this ultra-competitive professional fantasy sports experience. And not everyone is focused on the gameplay, with the Norse Stars bringing up the rear in the standings but working on developing the UFHL’s first digital mascot! Whether you are first or last, there are always fun elements within the UFFS ecosystem and ways to increase your franchise’s value off the ice!

UFHL Telegram:

UFWJ Telegram:

Exciting times ahead! We thank everyone in our community for their ongoing support. Let’s continue to grow together in the digital sports world.

Tony Charanduk

UFFS Founder



UFF Sports is a unique fantasy sports platform where you can own a worldwide franchise for life! We are the only platform on earth that has SCOUTS! Check us out

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Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

UFF Sports is a unique fantasy sports platform where you can own a worldwide franchise for life! We are the only platform on earth that has SCOUTS! Check us out