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UFFS State of the Union Update Feb 17, 2022

UFFS Community,

We hope everyone is having a great 2022. This UFFS update is overdue, but we have exciting updates for everyone. There are many moving parts in our ecosystem and many hard-working people dedicated to making each aspect of UFFS outstanding. So, first a big shout-out to our entire team!

The blockchain space moves fast and we are doing our best to keep pace, bringing on strong partners is one of the ways we are doing so. So far this year, we have partnered with CUDOS, Ready Player Me, and Locker Token. These partnerships bring added technology and expertise that will strengthen the UFFS ecosystem.


Our partnerships with CUDOS and Ready Player Me give us a strong base to enter the metaverse space. We are currently finalizing the details of a Sports Metaverse build and more information will be released in the coming weeks. The play-to-earn and investment opportunities that this sports metaverse will bring are massive and will take our entire fantasy project to a new level.

Phase 1 of the Metaverse is projected for summer of 2022, with a more robust product slated for January of 2023. We will be offering pre-launch assets for sale this spring to qualified early buyers. More details on how to qualify in the sections below.

Chip-In Development

We announced that Chip-In, our sports charity and fundraising partner, will be using SCO as its main crypto currency. Together with their team, we are building the tech required to use SCO within their platform. This provides further utility for SCO, but most importantly it gives the crypto space an easy way to give back to sports-related charities and families in need.


Ultimate Sports NFTs

Our NFT marketplace is now live and functioning beautifully. We have many player NFTs dropped already, with more coming every week. The resale market is now open. It’s now time to buy and sell your favorite collectibles.

Athlete Shares will be on the marketplace in the coming months. These shares are a unique NFT opportunity that gives you the chance to invest in your favorite athlete and get a closer connection.

Front Office NFT Club

The first of 2 NFT/Token announcements is the launch of exclusive NFT sport clubs for each UFFS Sport. We will be launching 1000 exclusive NFTs for each sport that represent membership in a worldwide club that will give the holder some special privileges. More details are in the attached presentation but this elite club will give you access to some of the biggest names and influencers in each sport, globally.

These NFTs will be offered across multiple NFT marketplaces in order to attract the biggest and best personalities of each sport.

One notable advantage to holding one of these NFTs is getting early access to purchasing all NFTs that are dropped as well as early access to all metaverse assets.

Wallets that hold every NFT that has been dropped onto the Ultimate Sports NFT marketplace will be granted early bird access to the Front Office Club NFTs. We will be revealing the important dates for the FOC NFT launch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Score Token

SCO has suffered from a market downturn, as most tokens have in the last few months. That said, we have many exciting developments in the works for SCO. The listing of SCO on the XCAD DEX was a positive step. We will be running marketing campaigns with the XCAD community in the coming weeks.

Bringing SCO to other exchanges is a priority and we are currently exploring many options. Our partnership with CUDOS means you will see SCO tokens on the CUDOS chain in 2022. More details on that transition coming soon.

With two additional sports being announced this month, NFT expansion, Sports Swap, and Metaverse use-cases on the way, the demand for SCO will be growing.

Franchise Tokens

We are excited to announce to the public, for the first time, that we will be launching Franchise tokens in March of 2022. These tokens will be awarded to every UFFS Franchise and they will be traded on the brand new UFFS Sports Swap.

Sports Swap will be an internal platform exchange that will enable franchises and fans to quickly buy and sell SCO, ZIL and all of the UFFS franchise tokens.

These tokens will be used for franchise promotion, value speculation, fan rewards, team voting privileges, and much more. These tokens will create opportunities for fan engagement in our leagues and mass adoption of our UFFS platform.

American Football

The “American Football Legends League” had an exciting and successful launch over Pro Bowl weekend February 6th! The first professional eSports league — where NFL all-time greats get to battle head-to-head in their prime with no injuries — has 16 franchises where owners/GMs call their own plays in dream football matchups.

All games are presented on YouTube at www.AFLL.live, where eight games per week, including a live commentated showcase “Game of the Week”, and former NFL player interviews are housed. Views increased 25% week over week on the channel with engaging watch-a-longs, tournaments and contests on the horizon.


People are catching on quickly to how successful the “American Football Legends League” will be as evidenced by our first franchise sale!

Team “Valhalla” was bought at the Pro Football Hall of Fame AFLL franchise auction event for $9,000 USD worth of SCO. The value rose fast as new owner, and U.S. Navy veteran group, purchased the team for $25,000 USD (261,420 SCO). We are very excited to welcome this ownership group to the UFF Sports family!

Watch and subscribe to not miss any of the action at www.AFLL.live and follow on Twitter @TheAFLL

For “real life” NFL, the “Ultimate Fantasy American Football League” (UFAFL) wrapped up its inaugural season at Super Bowl LVI where the Legion franchise was crowned the first-ever “SCO Bowl” champion. The total prize pool payouts surpassed an incredible 1,231,000 SCO (1.231 million)! Grinding through a campaign consisting of 32 franchises with 53-man rosters over 18 regular season weeks plus playoffs proved the UFAFL was as promised — the most in-depth, high stakes professional fantasy football experience in the world!

Check out the merchandise representing Legion as the SCO Bowl Champions!

The UFF Sports football department never sleeps as American college football is the next league that will be formed in 2022! Over NFL Draft week at the end of April, college fantasy football franchises will be auctioned off. Special location and event news will be revealed soon!


The UFBA saw a significant change in management early in the new year. With the league struggling out of the gate, UFFS decided to make changes at the top. Please welcome Sho Alli as the new Head Of Basketball Operations, Keshav Sharma as the UFBA commissioner, and Daniele Franceschi as our Director of Basketball Scouting. Some amazing improvements have already been put in place and we look forward to what the team will bring in 2022.

The Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Association recently wrapped up our first trade deadline — 24 hours after the NBA’s own trade deadline — and it was a frenzied finish, with more than a dozen trades over the final 48 hours alone accounting for over 30 players and 15K SCO amongst the transactions.

The first franchise vote was also recorded this week, as more than half the franchises voted to bestow the names of ‘Bird’ and ‘Magic’ on the two UFBA Conferences.

Check out the UFBA Today podcast that also debuted in 2022, with the latest episode announcing plans for women’s basketball and the UFWBA:

The regular season ends at the beginning of April, so with the trade deadline now in the rear-view, franchises have loaded up for the stretch run of these final two months!

In March, scouts will also have the opportunity to bid on the next wave of UFBA stars, as the Futures Auction is scheduled for Saturday, March 12 — featuring 60 prospects from the 2022 Draft Class and 60 prospects from the 2023 Draft Class, followed by the Open Market on Monday, March 14 to officially launch basketball scouting on the UFFS platform!


Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball is speeding towards opening day like a Randy Johnson fastball, and now we just need MLB to cooperate and start the season on March 31st as planned. In the meantime, UFLB franchises are being revealed daily, with some amazing branding being produced by talented UFFS artists.

Check out the latest episode of the Inside UFLB podcast, featuring some new franchise reveals:

Owner Meetings have wrapped up and franchises are submitting their votes to shape the future of the league. From roster moves to the type of contracts and pre-draft trading options as well as other proposals were submitted by some owners. Recently, Legends League Baseball commissioner Matt Soren was named co-commissioner of UFLB with plans for Matt to take on commissioner roles in both leagues next season. Franchises will draft their 26-player rosters on March 5–6, with a live show planned to cover the first round!!

UFLB Director of Scouting Bryan Hernandez has released his list of 142 players available in the upcoming Top Prospects Auction, which will kick off on February 19th and wrap up on the 21st. This will be a chance for franchises and scouts to bid on 142 picks and select a player from the list provided by Hernandez.


The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League recently hosted our inaugural UFHL All-Star Game — a simulation through the NHL22 video game — with the Legends Conference prevailing 18–9 over the Allan Conference, led by Timo Meier’s six-point performance for MVP honors and backstopped by Jacob Markstrom’s 69 saves! All members of the winning conference, including the honorary coach as voted by the franchises, will receive $5 USD worth of SCO, which amounts to a free trade in the UFHL gameplay!

Now the UFHL franchises enter the second half of their third season on the UFFS platform with the goal of improving or retooling their rosters ahead of the trade deadline on March 21, as the contenders try to add reinforcements while others will trend towards rebuilding over the next month!

The hockey side of the platform has been booming with several new Digital Athletes joining the UFFS team in the New Year, bringing the total to 19 with many more to come!

So many exciting things in play, thanks as always to our incredible community that works every day to make us all stronger. Exciting times ahead!

Tony Charanduk

UFFS Founder



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