UFFS and APBPA Form Game-Changing Partnership for Ball Players


The game of baseball is centered around two people playing catch. The pitcher and the catcher form a unique partnership that is the start of every play in every game. Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports and the Association of Professional Ball Players of America are now forming their own unique marriage that will benefit players past, present and future.

The APBPA is an organization with its roots dating back to 1924 when 12 players including Babe Ruth came together to try and help some less fortunate members of the game. In almost 100 years, the membership has grown to more than 100,000 players from the majors to the minors and those who have retired. This alliance with UFFS will give players many new opportunities.

“We are always looking for ways to help our fellow ball players,” said APBPA president and former MLB pitcher Kameron Loe, who has already signed up with UFFS as the second Digital Athlete in baseball, along with Ian Kinsler. “This will allow players another avenue to not only generate income but get back in the game. We all wish we could play forever and now we can. This is also an opportunity for current players to get a head start on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the metaverse — all things today’s athlete should be looking at when it comes to potential revenue streams away from the field.”

Like the recent partnership announcement between UFFS and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association (PHPA), UFFS will welcome baseball athletes into the digital space with a chance to earn revenue from fantasy gameplay in the MLB-mirroring Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball (UFLB), the upcoming Legends League, and future minor leagues, as well as innovative opportunities in the metaverse and through NFT collectibles.

“There will be so many ways for athletes to benefit from this partnership, and that’s just from what we are building right now. The future holds so much potential for them, I can’t imagine what we’re talking about at this time next year,” UFFS president and co-founder Tony Charanduk said of the ever-evolving digital world. “Whether they want to see themselves back in the game, or if they’re already in the game, they can be financially rewarded for their stats and more. Then there’s the metaverse and there’s a reason many big companies around the world are preparing for this. It is the future, and UFFS is the future of fantasy!”

UFFS director of business development George Bachul, who is heading up the NFT department, was instrumental in mapping out this partnership, which will allow players to easily sign up and explore all the opportunities available to them in their digital career. That will include a digital avatar through Ready Player Me — another exciting new partner for UFFS — that will open many doors for growing and monetizing their online presence while also allowing fans to invest in their favorite athletes, past and present.

“The metaverse is going to open up so many opportunities for athletes to enhance their digital career, or showcase any other talents and interests they have,” said Bachul, who is expecting a flood of ball players contacting him, as has been the case with hockey since that PHPA announcement in mid-December. “Athletes can sell merchandise, make personal appearances, and connect with fans in a variety of different ways.”

This partnership is also exciting for the current franchise owners in UFLB, who will draft their 26 veteran players this weekend — some of whom might be signing with UFFS soon.

“This is one of the many things that makes UFFS stand out from every other fantasy platform,” said Dean Millard, Head of Baseball Operations for UFFS. “We are giving the players a chance to get involved, get rewarded for their statistics, or become part of a team once again if they are retired. Sometimes when players leave the game, there can be a void, so this is a chance for athletes to get back in action.

“It’s also amazing for the current franchises in UFLB and future ones in Legends League Baseball who can make a real connection with the players,” added Millard.

With an expectation of many baseball athletes signing with UFFS in the coming weeks and months, the work to create their digital avatars and NFTs will kick into high gear as they look forward to launching their digital careers.

Catch APBPA President and former Major League pitcher Kameron Loe on Inside UFLB later today (Friday March 4th) with Head of Baseball Operations Dean Millard to dive deeper into the partnership. Loe is also GM of the Panthers franchise and is busy preparing for this weekend’s Veteran Player Draft.

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