Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports and Blockasset have partnered to revolutionize and centralize the booming world of sports NFTs.

Together, they will be producing unique, athlete-authenticated NFTs with utility on the Zilliqa blockchain.

“UFF Sports is incredibly excited about the partnership with Blockasset. This collaboration brings together two high-energy, innovative and likeminded groups that are certainly going to change and mould the sports NFT world,” said Tony Charanduk, UFF Sports president and co-founder. “This partnership increases the global reach of both projects, making us an international powerhouse in the space. …

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is continuing to rapidly expand, announcing three more new sports this month — basketball, baseball and football.

“Fantasy football is huge and we’re going to take it to a new level through digital asset ownership,” said UFF Sports president and co-founder Tony Charanduk, citing 40 million people play fantasy football in a $7 billion industry that is growing year over year. “Football is the most popular fantasy sport in the world, but baseball and basketball are more global and will be a real hit with the scouting side of the UFFS platform.

“All three of these…

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports has officially launched on the Zilliqa blockchain, backed by a trio of industry leaders in the hockey world — EliteProspects, InStat and Fantalytica.

“We’re thrilled that our platform is now live and we’re excited to have secured these key partnerships to take us to the next level,” said UFF Sports president and co-founder Tony Charanduk. “The future is bright for our hockey operations and for all the sports to come!”

EliteProspects, the most informative hockey database on the web since 1999, is populating the player profiles for the UFFS platform, which already features more than 3,100…

UFF Sports Launches our NFT Ecosystem Coin: Score Coin (SCO)

The blockchain’s first sport NFT ecosystem is just over a year old! We were selling sports NFTs when NFTs weren't cool! The knowledge that we have accumulated over the last year and a half about the NFT market has been incredibly valuable and our project is launching a complete NFT ecosystem this spring. This platform is the next step in the NFT space.

In this article you will see the importance of building utility for NFTs to sustain long term value and annual revenue; not just collectible speculative gain. If…

Hey everyone, post your best hockey chirp in the comments here or on any of our social media for a chance to win 5000 Score Coin.

We will compile all the entries and narrow it down to 5 finalists. Those 5 finalists will be entered into a poll and the community will choose the winner.

Score Coin can be used by,

Owners to purchase your first franchise, aquire players or pay for transaction fees.

Scouts to register prospects on the blockchain or aquire prospects from other scouts.

Fans/Ambassadors to stake coins in different games and earn more coins within the UFF Sports platform.

Send us your best Chirp and join the growing UFF Sports community!


The Honch,

Fantasy Sport Inovation - its our thing!

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is about to launch an absolute avalanche of fantasy sports innovation. The list is long and forever growing and we will quickly discuss a few of them today.

Side note, its minus 40 degrees C, here in Saskatoon, Canada . Why do I live where the air hurts my face?🤔
Back on track, here is a teaser list of the new concepts UFF Sports is looking to implement in the years to come:

Ownership - Ex. You own one of only 31 fantasy hockey franchises worldwide. Yeah I know…

UFF Sports launches world's first stand-alone, branded, elite fantasy sports hockey league!!!

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is extremely proud and honoured to present the world’s first elite fantasy sports league,
Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League
This league of 31 elite teams will be purchased by some of the most powerful fantasy hockey enthusiasts from around the globe. Players from multiple countries have already been bidding on franchises in this historic hockey auction. The auction of 31 teams ( the 31 teams mirror the NHL) started Jan 01, 2020 and commences Jan 17th, so its not too late to get in on the ground…

First ever fantasy sports auction is live!

Happy New Year! As of Jan 01 2020, the world’s first-ever fantasy sports franchise auction is underway.
UFF Sports has introduced an entire package of new fantasy sports concepts that is poised to create an entirely new ecosystem of fantasy play.
The UFF Sports Pro Hockey auction runs from Jan 01, 2020 to Jan 17th, 2020. The auction closes one franchise at a time starting at 7pm CST. The bidding has started out at a strong steady pace and is expected to heat up as we get closer to the 17th.
Franchise ownership is a brand…

First Tokenized Fantasy Sports Organization UFFS Launching ERC20

We’re only days away from the first fantasy sports gaming experience on the blockchain that the world has ever known. Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is launching their first ERC20 based auction on New Years Day, January 1, 2020.
The team at UFFS has done a remarkable job in preparing to launch the first of a kind tokenized fantasy sports game that will run on the Ethereum blockchain.
Learn more and get enrolled for the live launch here.
The leagues will include, prospects, current players, and franchises — all available for the average sports fan to…

Fanatasy Sports on the blockchain, introducing fantasy ownership.

Hello community, UFF Sports is here! My name is Anthony Charanduk (https://uffsports.com/team/) and I am a contributor at the uffsports.com ecosystem.
UFF Sports is a fantasy sports platform, built on blockchain technology, that introduces true in-game ownership of franchises, players, and player-prospects. Unique to UFF Sports, our customers will own their franchise and their players indefinitely, unless they wish to sell, trade, or retire a player. This concept is made possible by the indisputable nature of blockchain’s Ledger and Smart Contract protocols.
UFF Sports is made possible and exceptional by: confirming ownership, providing secure…

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

UFF Sports is a unique fantasy sports platform where you can own a worldwide franchise for life! We are the only platform on earth that has SCOUTS! Check us out

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